Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wings and Wheels 2015

Hill AFB Museum car show

     This is the first car show I have been to since taking up photography, I've been to many others, however never with a real camera. My wife and daughter accompanied me to the show and the entry fee was just a donation to support their food drive. What a deal! A bag of food in exchange for looking at some impressive hot rods.  I have to apologize in advance, I only shot the cars, I was interested in, most of which are Chevy's, as you'll soon see.

     Unfortunately, not all of the cars at the show, stayed for the whole time, I caught this one walking towards the show.

     This is my favorite, a 1965 Chevrolet Impala super sport with a 327! The first car I ever purchased was a 1965 Impala super sport, so I was in love the moment I saw it! Although, mine had rusted rear quarters and the 396 had been swapped with a 283, I only paid $750 from the guy who building another one with parts from mine.

     Pontiac Trans Am, another close favorite, not sure of the year, I was just so overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, I didn't think to note the year and make of all of the cars I shot.

     !968 Pontiac Firebird.

     This is one of the cars I wouldn't mind taking for a test drive. What a beauty, even if it isn't a Chevy!

     Another looker!

     Chevy Chevelle.

     If only it was a '67 RS/SS.

     Gorgeous, sting ray!

     Another Chevelle.    

     The Smurf rod!

     Not a classic, but what a car!

     I had a lot of fun shooting these cars and this definitely, will not be my last car show. I might even, reluctantly so, take a picture of a Ford next time!

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