Monday, September 26, 2016

Scary Clowns

Dark and spooky

     A fellow Photographer invited me to be her second shooter on a planned scary clown shoot. Who would be crazy enough to turn down an invitation like that? I arrived a little earlier than everyone else and patiently waited to until the appointed hour. No time was wasted and the shooting began once everyone arrived. I just stood back and grabbed some behind the scenes type shots.


     Eric and Thomas.

     The talent got a little aggressive, with Rachel!

      Beckie, a seriously talented Hair and make up artist, working on Melissa.

     Kellie, epically creepy in this get up!

     I'm pretty sure there is a fetish on the internet just like this!

     After a while, i was able to do some posing with these talented folks.

     A little black and white action.

     Seriously creepy!

     Kellie wandered around in between poses, scaring the living hell out of all she approached. In between the flashes, you could hear blood curdling screams, as she creeped up to her unsuspecting victims. Thank goodness I new what was going on, that's a little unnerving to see at night!

     Darkness poses quite the challenge for photography, but fun none the less.

     Rachel made such a great choice of using Memory grove as our background for this shoot.

     More fun than I expected! I was lucky enough to hang out with some seriously talented people!