Sunday, September 27, 2015

Liberty Trek

My Saturday with Troop 17.

     With my son reaching Eagle and having to work, now that he has joined the work force. So instead, I took my nephew with me to Saturday's Liberty trek. It was put on by the Trapper trails council of the Boy Scouts of America and this was my first visit time to the event--I wasn't sure what to expect. I assumed it would be just a simple overnight campout with a smattering of activities, I had heard they had a cannon, but I wasn't prepared for the sights or the sounds!

      The Utah Society of the Sons of the American Revolution were on hand put on this event and they brought a CANNON! Not only did they bring a cannon, they had many actors portraying important people during revolutionary America. This monster went off at six am and every hour after until the end of the event!

      Here are some of the shots taken during the event.

     The Cannoneers!  I really appreciate that they were willing to put up with me; bothering them with my picture taking and all!

     They went all out with their set up!

     General George Washington.

     And his wife.

     Each group had the chance to participate in a mock battle, balloons were the weapons of choice, they would fill them with air and at the fire order, every one would pop them with a tooth pick. When you ran out of balloons you had to fall to the ground and play dead. In keeping with LNT (Leave no trace) principles the dead were asked to pick up balloons while on the ground and after each battle they diligently cleaned up the battle field.

     Hidden treasure was found in the fort, not sure of the artist, but it was worth the stop!

     Old Glory, the original version.

     The Cannonneer's lantern!

One of my favorites, during the bayonet charge once the survivors ran out of balloons~

     I have a camera that is capable of 12 frames per second and this was the best it could do, I tried three times to get the perfect fire ball, this is my best effort!

     God bless America!

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