Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It has been a long winter and I needed something to shoot! So i went to check out Kanarraville falls.

   Kanarraville Falls, a beautiful waterfall in southern Utah. The start of the hike isn't much however it has it's beauty.

   Three of my choice shots.

   Leaving the falls.

   A gorgeous section of the river on the way out.

   After my visit, I headed to Zion National park. This is a section of the river just before the start of the narrows.

   Upper Emerald falls, it wasn't very emerald this time of year, and the waterfall left much to be desired.

   Middle Emerald.

   The Patriarchs,

   I had never been to the top of Angels landing and on a whim I decided to hike from the river to the top. Worth every mean and nasty switch back!

   From Angels landing towards the narrows.

   Looking south, what a climb and what a view!

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