Thursday, November 24, 2016


My journey with photography has lead me to many things, including new friends!

     Kellie is an amazing Model and equally great at hair and make up. She has inspired me in many ways and continues to do so with every project. Our first project brought of my love of Halloween, that lead me to try new things in Photoshop.

     The Ring shoot, a concept so creepy, Kellie didn't want to do it outdoors. So I shot the forest scene first and did the rest in the studio.

     Studio shot.

     Eric, another talented model lent a hand with lighting.

     Always up for a challenge, I ran across and creepy make up idea on line and Kellie was up for the challenge!

     The next project was with Millie and we brought to life her idea of Cruella Deville.

     A Dark Angel was our next project.

     While doing the dark angle, Kellie had invited me to a costume party and she talked me into being Freddy Kruger. I unfortunately wasn't able to go to the party and had already picked up most of the costume. With Halloween recently over, I couldn't let it go to waist and was eager to shoot it! I included nearly all of the shots form the shoot: I had to share! This shoot included the help from another photographer. Rachel offered to use her studio for this and Kellie and I took her up and the offer.

     Another concept I had been wanting to do was a Sin city style shoot. I just needed the one pose, but Kellie is just fun to shoot!

     The shot I envisioned!

     Photography has enriched my life and continues to bring me joy and new friends!


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